Welcome to Infinity Ltd.

I am sorry to say that there isn't a lot to see at
this sight if you can't see the graphics.
This sight is a spoof of real company web sights.

I put up this sight mainly for fun,
and to teach myself web page design.

About Infinity Ltd.

All company officers are stuffed animals.
The transportation department are dragons.
We offer to proofread E-mail advertising (SPAM) at $1000/message.

Unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to this site will be considered a submission for proof reading service. The processing fee of $1000 U.S. per message will be charged and is payable by the sender no later than 6 working days after sending the E-mail. All commercial e-mail must have a valid return address so that processed e-mail advertising can be returned. Processed e-mail that must be returned via the U.S. post office will carry an additional $50 U.S. fee. Please send add submissions to SPAM@infinity-ltd.com

Sending the message constitutes an agreement to these terms.

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